Our love affair with Mexican food started in 2009 when my wife and I left South Africa for a 3 month working holiday in California. After being exposed to the various flavours and getting over our  generalisation that all Mexican food is unbearably spicy, we just couldnít understand why it isnít just as popular in South Africa. The full bodied
wholesomeness of the food has so much in common with our own cultures, tastes and preferences. And so our dream of starting a Mexican eatery began...

Like most dreams, it sadly faded into the haze of hectic careers and the business of life in general. Three years later we were lucky enough to spend some time in New York City, where our conversation continued and evolved into the idea of starting a food truck. Another 3 years later and Taco Kombi was born, many years in the making. It combines our idea of a laid back Southern Californian feel Mexican eatery with the convenience of a fully equipped food truck.

We serve fresh and delicious Mexican inspired dishes where you work, study and play. Private functions are a big part of our offering. Catering at your next party will give it a unique touch and element of excitement, and is guaranteed
to get your guests talking.

Our Facebook page has updates on our daily location and menu options.

We hope to see you soon!